The blog looks at economic events, announcements, decisions and facts with a fresh eye: In a transparent manner – a view, not coloured  with established  norms and set ideas.

With every article on the blog, we analyze a situation at hand, in the world of finance and economics, with a new pair of spectacles. I do not claim to be cent per cent perfect at the analysis, but can assure the reader with something original or at least not much heard of. 🙂

The headers of the articles are likely to have a play of words. The header to this page ‘A-Bout The Blog’ is no exception to it and so is the name of the blog – ‘Coining Concepts’ !!

Since we are talking of A-Bout, positive criticisms and sharing of differences on ideas discussed are most welcome. I sincerely believe that sharing of conflicting opinions and concepts is a major step in learning and growth  🙂